Forge DevCon Germany Agenda

Time What Where Who Activity
08:00 am Registration Halle, Ground Floor
09:00 am Keynotes Saal 3. Floor Learn how Autodesk Forge can help accelerate the digital transformation of your business. Hear from VP of Forge, Susanna Holt, as well as guests Frode Tørresdal, Head of Development at Norconsult and Chris Acheson, CEO and Founder of CADshare. Speaker: Frode Tørresdal, Chris Acheson
11:00 am Coffee Break Halle, Ground Floor
11:30 am Exhibitor Presentations Saal 3. Floor Hear rapid fire presentations from our 8 exhibitors (Kaulquappe, NOVA BUILDING IT , Cideon, TID Informatik, Moicon, CADshare, N+P, Xinaps) to learn more about who they are and what they have built on the Forge Platform. Visit our exhibitors during the lunch break to learn more and vote for your favorite! See Exhibitor Tab for more Information.
12:15 pm Lunch Halle, Ground Floor
01:45 pm Breakout 1: Design Automation for Revit Saal 3. Floor Sasha Crotty This class will introduce the Forge Design Automation API for Revit and show how it can be applied to automate AEC workflows for collaboration and automation at scale.
01:45 pm Breakout 2: Optimizing for AR/VR performance with Forge Lounge 2. Floor Kevin Vandecar /
Lanh Hong
Discover how the Forge Design Automation API for 3ds Max can be used to automatically optimize your model geometry.  We’ll show how you can take data from your favorite design application and prepare it for Augmented/Virtual Reality and other applications that require high graphics performance
01:45 pm Breakout 3: Design Automation for Inventor Halle, Ground Floor Andrew Akenson Automating workflows and processes for your Autodesk software increases productivity, reduces errors, and saves costs.   In this class we will present five examples of what can be done with Forge and the Design Automation API for Inventor to stimulate your creativity by demonstrating  what can be done - and also to provide sample code as a springboard to accelerate your own automation development.
02:45 pm Coffee Break Halle, Ground Floor
03:00 pm Breakout 1: BIM360 API Update Saal 3. Floor Mikako Harada This class will present the current status of the APIs for BIM 360: discussing the APIs that have recently been added and those that we expect to release in the near future.
03:00 pm Breakout 2: Designing a Digital Twin that works Lounge 2. Floor Torbjørn Grimstad In this presentation, Moicon will explain how they use techniques derived from game design to create intuitive interfaces for stakeholders to navigate through a complex model of a building, production line, or machine - and view the operational data they need to make the right decisions at the right time. Join this class to learn how you can use Forge to create a Digital Twin that works for you.
03:00 pm Breakout 3: Creating a Visual Configurator using Unity and Forge DA for Revit Halle, Ground Floor Geert Van Gorp Xinaps builds cloud-based product configurators that combine the power of Forge and Unity to enable intelligent design optimization by providing accurate calculations and multiple cost scenarios – based on data extracted directly from the customer’s BIM model. Join this class to learn how you can use Forge to turn the configuration process into a simple and fun experience for your customer.
04:00 pm Coffee Break Halle, Ground Floor
04:30 pm Breakout 1: Forge Data Platform Update Saal 3. Floor Philippe Videau In this class you will learn about the progress we’ve made on the Forge Data platform, where we’re heading in the future, and how you can leverage Forge Data for your business.
04:30 pm Breakout 2: AI/ML with Amazon Lounge 2. Floor Amir Javanshir This class will demonstrate how to leverage Amazon Web Services to build, simplify, and streamline intelligent applications for the construction and manufacturing industries. We will walk through machine learning model deployment that can result in 2x better performance on resource constrained platforms such as mobile, desktop and edge devices (IoT).
04:30 pm Breakout 3: Adding model compliance checking to your BIM 360 workflow Halle, Ground Floor Martin Loucka In this presentation, Singular AG will present examples of BIM data validation and certification workflows they have created for BIM 360 customers, and explain how they implemented these workflows with Forge. Join this class to understand you can use Forge to create data checking workflows for your own BIM 360 projects.
05:30 pm Academia Research Breakouts Saal 3. Floor Hear from students from two universities (Contech and TUM) on how they use Forge. See Speaker Tab for more Information.
06:30 pm Break Halle, Ground Floor Grab a drink and join us for the closing keynote and award ceremony
07:00 pm Awards and Closing Halle, Ground Floor Closing Address and Award Ceremony
07:30 pm Networking: Appetizers with Wine, Beer, Lemonade Tasting Halle, Ground Floor Meet and mingle with fellow attendees, speakers, and partners. Taste local wines and beers paired with gourmet appetizers